Robust Danish Wind Turbine Design

The Viking household wind turbine is based on the robust and well-known Danish concept – which has created success for the wind turbine industry in Denmark. The turbines are type approved in Denmark and meet the international standards. The turbines are delivered with a 2 year warranty on all components.

The turbine design is functional which makes the installation and maintenance easy and cheap. Watch the video and see just how simple it is to erect and lower the turbine.

With the three blades design, the turbines have the same majestic look as the large MW turbines.

The first Viking wind turbine was constructed in 2009 and is the household wind turbine in its class which has been tested during the longest period of time. This makes the Viking wind turbine strong, aesthetic and dependable.

Viking as a Stand-Alone Energy Solution

The Viking wind turbines are compatible with stand-alone systems (also called off-grid systems), where the turbines deliver the energy production directly to an independent unit and are thereby not connected to the electrical grid.

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Viking VS – a Dependable and Highly Productive Household Wind Turbine

This household wind turbine is based on the well tested and dependable predecessor – Viking 25. All the good properties from the predecessor have been continued, but Viking VS has been streamlined on performance and made more flexible.

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Viking 25 – A well tested and robust 25 kW household wind turbine

Viking 25 is the first in the series of Viking household wind turbines. The turbine was constructed in 2009 and has since then been tested in Denmark with the largest number of wind turbines in operation at that time. The turbine has with great conviction verified its strength during severe storms and without any accidents.

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