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Stand-alone project in Argentina

With great success, Viking Wind has delivered wind turbines for a stand-alone project in Chorriaca in Argentine. The purpose of the project is to supply vital and renewable energy to Patagonia, which is the southernmost and isolated region in Argentine.

Today the three Viking wind turbines deliver energy to a hybrid solution, which supplies electricity to the small village Chorriaca, all day, all year. This is necessary if this small village is to survive in the future. The electricity is elementary in people’s striving for cultivating the land, raising animals and keeping up the communication with the outside world on a continuous basis.

The project is part of The Argentina Patagonia Renewable Energy Projects, which is developed and driven by the organization Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership. You find further information about the project here. 


Viking is Compatible with Various Stand-Alone Energy Solutions:

  • Integrated UPS solutions ( only Viking VS)
  • Diesel generator for back up
  • Battery bank for storage and back up
  • Hybrid system with several energy sources connected (e.g. sun and wind), a battery bank and an autonomous control system, which automatically compensated for the difference between energy production and consumption.

Maintenance is easy with a Viking Wind turbine and only requires  an electrical winch

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