Viking Wind is ISO 9001 certified

After a long process, Viking Wind got ISO 9001 certificated ultimo October 2022

It is with great joy and pride that we can now show all our stakeholders – both Danish and foreign – that we by ultimo October 2022 are included by the international certification standard- ISO 9001. After six months of dedicated work internally in the company, the work has paid off and the ISO 9001 certificate has been obtained.

CEO Ulrich Høgenhaven says: “It has long been a huge wish at Viking Wind to obtain an ISO 9001 certification for multiple reasons. However, the biggest part was to meet the customer requirements for this certificate, especially from foreign customers and stakeholders.

He also states: “Now We have mapped the procedures that we are working by in the company. Everyone has done a great job on obtaining this certificate and I would like to thank all employees for their great work.”

What is an ISO 9001 certification?

Having an ISO certification means that a company has implemented a quality management system within one or more standards. It can, for example, be ISO 9001 which is used worldwide and incorporates quality, effective management, and structured dialogue with customers, business partners, and authorities.

ISO is an international standardization organ founded in 1947 and is used by companies and organizations globally.

What does an ISO certification mean for you as a customer?

Being certified within a standard is the company’s proof that it complies with the requirements set out in a standard.

The goal is for the company to continuously improve its work processes and ensure that it complies with all the laws and requirements to which it is subjected. The company is also responsible for keeping up to date on which laws that affect the business it operates in and on any changes that may occur.

As a customer, you can expect homogenous, structured, and competent case procedures which are approved according to all regulations of the law – and according to international standards.


The UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs)  are globally considered essential for achieving sustainable development. To have the SDGs succeed requires a commitment from businesses, individuals, industries, and governments. Here, the internationally recognized guidelines, the ISO standards, play an important role, as they are built on consensus and create the basis for which direction development should take. The standards thus enable the parties involved to pull in the same direction.

According to ISO – International Organization for Standardization, the ISO 9001 standard contributes to the following SDGs: 1.9, 12, and 14. With Viking Wind fulfilling SDGs 7.9 and 13, it is thus an extra security for you as a customer who thinks in sustainable solutions.

See the full certificate here