Viking Wind is represented at conference in Japan WWEC 2016

WWEC 2016

CEO Ulrich Høgenhaven is attending the WWEC 2016 conference in Japan these days.

World Wind Energy Conference WWEC2016 will focus on wind power technology and approaches of how to further increase the global wind power capacity of 400 GW in the world based on engineering as well as social sciences. Various studies have shown that Japan is blessed with an abundance of wind such as onshore and offshore wind to rebuild and strengthen the country from the damage of the great earthquake in 2011.

The World Wind Energy Association and the Tokyo WWEC2016 Organising Committee welcome the presence of those 500 participants from 33 countries attending this Conference, from wind and all other renewable energy technologies.

The Conference covered all aspects of wind utilization, science, and technology, related policies, manufacturing, development, operation, community involvement as well as other economic and social issues.

The Conference recognizes that Japan is currently heavily dependent on fossil fuel combustion. The Conference applauds the Japanese government for its 22 % renewable energy target for 2030 and encourages the Japanese government to take further steps to achieve it and in due course go beyond it. Conference delegates and organizations represented at the Conference have offered support and assistance particularly about realizing the huge wind resource potential of Japan, both onshore and offshore.

You can read more about the conference here.