Household wind turbines are an environmentally friendly solution for your company – it is a good investment and a visible environmental profiling. Compared to the large wind turbines, a household wind turbine is not subject to strict wind turbine planning, as they can be installed without loading the neighbours or the landscape.

A household wind turbine is a wind turbine, which is installed in connection with detached properties and their primary function is to deliver energy for the property’s own use – either as electricity or hot water.

This makes the Viking wind turbines a healthy, green investment to many companies – especially those with a high energy consumption.


The Viking household wind turbine is based on the robust and well-known Danish concept – which has created success for the wind turbine industry in Denmark. The turbines are type approved according to the IEC 61400-2 standard.
The turbines are delivered with a 2 year warranty on all components
The turbine design is functional, which makes the installation and maintenance easy and cheap. With the three blade design, the turbines have the same majestic look as the large MW turbines.

The first Viking wind turbine was constructed in 2009 and is the household wind turbine in its class (10-25 kW wind turbines), which have been tested during the longest period of time. This makes the turbine strong, aesthetic and dependable.
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