Household wind turbines are an environmentally friendly solution for your company – it is a good investment and visible environmental profiling. Compared to the large wind turbines, a household wind turbine is not subject to strict wind turbine planning, as they can be installed without loading the neighbors or the landscape.

A household wind turbine is a wind turbine, which is installed in connection with detached properties and their primary function is to deliver energy for the property’s own use – either as electricity or hot water.

This makes the Viking wind turbines a healthy, green investment to many companies – especially those with a high energy consumption.

Simple and functional design

• The Viking Turbine is designed for easy transport and Installation
• We can transport 3 complete turbines in a 40” container
• During maintenance, the turbine is lowered so all work can be performed on the ground
• Heaviest lift is 1 ton and the turbine is erected by an electrical winch
• Operating time for lay down, from start to end 15 min
• Electrical winch is bolted on the turbine foundation

The sale of turbines

If you think a household wind turbine sounds interesting, or if you need advice and guidance when choosing a household wind turbine, we have distributors all over the world who will be more than happy to stop by for a non-committal visit.
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