A Dependable and Flexible Household Wind Turbine

This household wind turbine is based on the well tested and dependable predecessor – Viking 25. All the good properties from the predecessor have been continued, but Viking VS has been streamlined on performance and made more flexible. The household wind turbine can be adjusted to the conditions required at the location. And the performance can be adjusted to everything between 10 kW and 25 kW.

The household wind turbine’s predecessor – Viking 25 – was made in 2009. Since then the wind turbine has been tested with the largest number of wind turbines of its kind in operation in Denmark and the Viking 25 was the best tested household wind turbine of its kind. We have further developed the turbine based on several and real data, and the Viking VS is the result of this development process.

Viking VS is developed to fulfil international standards for household wind turbines and is delivered with a 2 year warranty on all components. In order to ensure a long lifetime of the wind turbine, we have, at strategic points in the production process, used larger safety factors and more conservative calculations on various components compared to the large MW wind turbines and some new types of household wind turbines. The turbine will probably have a lifetime which exceeds 20-25 years at most locations.

Viking VS is developed based on the robust and illustrious Danish concept, which stands behind the success, which the entire wind turbine industry in Denmark has experienced worldwide. The basic idea with Danish Design is to create functional and elegant products. This idea has been continued with the Viking VS household wind turbine.

This means among other things that the turbine has three blades and look like a ”real” wind turbine with the same beautiful appearance as the large MW wind turbines. This means that the turbine becomes a more natural part of the scenery and is constructed according to the same well tested principles as the large wind turbines.

Easy and Cost Effective Installation and Maintenance

Great savings can be achieved on installation and maintenance of the Viking wind turbines. No crane is needed, when erecting the wind turbine. A simple winch can do the job – and everything can be attended to at ground level. Viking household wind turbine is based on functional Danish Design.

A Flexible and Effective Household Wind Turbine

Viking VS is a flexible and easy to adapt wind turbine, which makes it very effective. The technical explanation is that the wind turbine is both rotation regulated as well as stall regulated. This means that it is not only the wind conditions but also technical calculations that regulate the rotation speed of the blades. This provides greater control of the turbine and thereby the wind conditions can be utilized in a more productive way.

This also means that the wind turbine can be adjusted to your needs and the wind conditions at a specific location. Viking VS can be adjusted to a certain performance (e.g. 10 kW, 20 kW or 25 kW). It can be adjusted to follow the regulations which you may be subject to and can exploit the wind conditions offered at the location.

Viking household wind turbine is true Danish Design. With three blades it is just as aesthetic as the large MW wind turbines.

2 years warranty on all components

Technical specifications

Viking VS is a Danish designed and Danish produced small wind turbine in order to assure a superior quality.

Viking VS is available with following options:

  • Grid connection
  • Stand alone
  • Wind diesel

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Operational data
Nominal power 10 – 25 kW
Hub height 18 m
Total height 24,5 m – 24,8
Power control Stall
Active wind range 3-25 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 25 m/s
Survival wind No limit
Yaw system Active, automatic cable untwist
Operational temperature -20C° to + 40C°
Type Stall with tip brake
Rotational direction Clockwise
Blades 3
Rotor diameter 13 – 13.6 m
Swept area 133 – 145 m²
Rotor material Fibre glass
RPM Variable up to 65
Tip-speed Variable up to 45 m/s
Generator VEM Motors GmbH
Type G21R 200 L4 HW
Voltage 3 x 400V + N
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Rated RPM 1525
Type approval according to IEC 61400-2 standard SWT class III
Manufacturer Benzler
Type D40204-M1
Brakes Electromechanical fail safe,MAYR 10/800.410.3
Service and maintenance is carried out while the turbine is at ground level. It is never necessary to climb the tower. Both independent brake systems are ”fail safe”.
Types HSWind Gin Pole
Viking VS is produced with tower-tilt to ease both installation and maintenance.
Control system
Manufacturer HSWind
Annual production in Denmark Up to 95.000 kWh
Viking VS – Annual energy production (kWh)
Annual averages wind m/s
Weibull k
4,5 5,5 6,5 7,5
31.000 56.000 76.500 96.000

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