2. International Conference on small and medium Wind Energy

Week 41 Nordic Folkecenter in Hurup is setting the framework for the second international conference on small and medium wind energy with participants from several countries having an interest in renewable energy.

The conference is hosted by Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy and the Danish Association for Small and Medium Wind Energy.

The four-day event will gather international experts from all over the world to discuss the potential of small and medium wind energy, their testing & certification needs and their role for stand-alone and off-grid systems in the Arctic region and other rural areas.

The conference will also cover the topics related to the new grid codes and how do they affect manufacturers’ decisions.  There will put a special focus on Europe.

The conference aims to help developing policies supporting the growth of this industry.

During the week there will be numerous speeches held by experts in the field of Small and Medium Wind Energy.

CEO Ulrich Høgenhaven from Viking Wind, who is vice chairman of the Danish Association for Small- and Medium Wind will also be found amongst the speakers. He will share Viking Wind’s experience in setting up a wind turbine in Greenland and the challenges and the precautions met when raising small wind turbines in the Arctic area.

At the end of the conference, there will be a renewable energy excursion to the Small Wind Test Center in Hundborg and the National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild.

About the Venue

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy is a location known worldwide among energy experts. At the centre, visitors can experience different renewable energy technologies and have a complete overview of how a transition towards a 100% renewable energy society could occur.

 Finally, You can read more about Folkecenter: http://www.folkecenter.net/

Autumn 2019-  Beautiful site picture from Greenland 
Photo:  Jannik Kappel
Autumn 2019- Beautiful site picture from Greenland
Photo: Jannik Kappel