‘Meet and greet’ with Bangladesh’ new Ambassador in Denmark

In October 2020 the Bangladeshi Embassy in Copenhagen welcomed its new ambassador H.E.M. Allama Siddiki. On December 3. 2020 It was time for representatives from the Danish Industry, including Viking Wind to do the same at a meet and greet event in Copenhagen.

The event was hosted by the Bangladeshi Embassy in Denmark and the participants were Representatives from Danish business, particularly in the field of renewable energy, green technology, ICT, dairy sector, green and smart city, and the Confederation of Danish Industry, the State of Green who attended the program.

Ambassador H.E. M. Allama Siddiki made a presentation on Bangladesh: its Economic Progress & Prospect” and welcomed the Danish investors to reap benefits from the opportunities that Bangladesh offers.

After the presentation, the event gave ample opportunities to network with the other representatives from Danish business.

Viking Wind looks forward to a good working relationship with the new ambassador and the continuous and strong cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Dhaka which up til now has been an invaluable help in the efforts of penetrating the Bangladeshi market. Which caused by the pandemic of Covid-19 and the following restrictions on overseas travels due to the global lockdown in March, which has postponed Viking Winds’ plan of a new trip to Bangladesh indefinitely.

Therefore the meet and greet with the new ambassador was a welcomed opportunity to strengthen the ties already forged between Viking Wind and Bangladesh.

curriculum-vitae H.E.M. Allama Saddiki:

Born on December 2. 1965. He has a master’s degree in social science in Public Administration, Dhaka University, and has from  2015 until he is appointed as Bangladeshi ambassador in  Denmark, been Ambassador for Bangladesh in Turkey. He is married and has two daughters.