Promising visit from Pakistan

In mid-November 2022, Viking Wind was visited by Qazi Yasir Ali, who was seconded by the reputable Pakistani company SWAN International (Pvt.) Limited.

SWAN International (Pvt.) Limited is a cluster of assorted professionals from different fields. They are the sole agent supplier and distributor of innumerable technologies of the world from different fields like mobile batching plants, telemetry systems, solar /wind natural energies technologies, valves, pumps, compressors, water and waste treatment processing plants, telecommunication, and different engineering solutions.
SWAN International (Pvt.) Limited is also the supplier of general goods and Janitorial services

They are well-established and possess a reputable image in the business community in Pakistan for their quality products and After Sale Services. 

The entire swan team comprises highly qualified, well-experienced, and dedicated professionals.

The meeting between Pakistan and Denmark took place in Randers on a mild November day.

Pia Jakobsen, from Sales & Projects at Viking Wind introduced the Pakistani envoy Qazi Yasir Ali to the company, our household wind turbine, and the city of Randers in the best possible way.

It was an exciting and fruitful visit, which ended with a joint signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Viking Wind and SWAN International (Pvt) Limited. At Viking Wind, we look forward to a profitable and long-term collaboration with SWAN International (Pvt) Limited.

A MOU was signed between SWAN International (Pvt) Limited and Viking Wind. This a great step toward a future collaboration between the companies