The second meeting with Bangladesh was a success

Primo November 2018, Ulrich Høgenhaven and Pia Jakobsen from Viking wind went for a second visit to Bangladesh.

Like previously, the Danish Embassy in Bangladesh was hosting the visit and exactly like last visit, Samina Shahrukh – senior trade adviser and Jacob Kahl Jepsen – commercial counsellor, head of trade were the outmost well-prepared hosts, presenting the Danish delegation for/with another exciting and busy schedule.

On the agenda was a visit to the world’s largest refugee camp (situated near Cox Bazar in Bangladesh) which now accommodates more than 900.00 people and over half (500.000) are children.

There was also time on the schedule for visiting potential sites (a site is a location suitable for erecting wind turbines). The site tour included an Island in southeast Bangladesh, where currently 300.000 people live who only have electricity five hours per day.

Furthermore, there were meetings with previously established connections, which gave the possibility to reinforce the connection and establish new connections as well.

Another successful meeting with Bangladesh.

A bit jetlagged but overall another pleasant meeting with Bangladesh