Vejroe and Greenland turbines successfully installed

Latest update on the Greenland and Vejroe projects primo December 2018 is that both turbines have been successfully erected and installed.

The turbine on Vejroe was installed November 14’th 2018. The assembling of the turbine went as planned and without major obstacles for Viking Winds service team. The Vejroe turbine, being situated on a Danish luxury resort offering island vacations above average, will combined with diesel, sun energy and battery Stored energy, reduce the need for fossil fuel and supply the resort with clean energy for the benefit of more sustainability on the energy area.

Beautiful danish autumn weather on Vejroe

The turbine in Greenland was installed 21’th November 2018. Despite the harsh climate and an unapproachable nature, the turbine was erected and installed in only one day and is operational now.

The Greenland turbine is an off-grid project, where the Viking Wind turbine will produce energy to a unit independent of an already established electrical grid. This gives the ability to produce electricity in rural areas, where electricity normally comes in short supply. This solution will contribute to reduce the use of fossil fuel and provide a more sustainable energy solution, which gives a flexible and environmental- sound possibility for electricity in rural areas.

Greenland, beautiful but  rough nature