Viking Wind in two exciting projects fall 2018

Viking Wind has two current projects in the order book for fall 2018. Both projects are already at an advanced stage.

Viking Wind has two current projects in the order book for fall 2018. Both projects are already at an advanced stage. 

The Greenland project:

Ultimo October/primo November Viking Wind is going to supply the town Sisimiut in Greenland with a wind turbine, which will be a part of a pilot project to test the stamina of the wind turbine under extreme weather conditions as seen in the artic area.

The purpose with the Greenland project is the development of “Off grid” projects for the future, very similar to the Argentine project (further reading here), where the Viking Wind turbine will produce energy to a unit independent of an already established electrical grid.  That gives the opportunity to be able to produce electricity in far away and isolated areas (with out grid or limit access to the public grid)  where electricity is sparse, without dependency on fossil fuel. By that the secluded areas will be self-sufficient and no longer have to depend solely on more pollutant energy sources. The bonus is more sustainability and less pollution and will bring endless possibilities for secluded and impassable areas.

In Greenland the entrepreneur is already working on establishing roads and making a foundation for the turbine.

The Vejroe project:

The second project is on a small danish island with Vejrø Resort as contractor. According to the schedule the Viking Wind turbine is to be erected medio October 2018.

Vejrø Resort offers luxury island holidays in magnificent surroundings. The Viking Wind turbine is a part of fulfilling their mission of sustainability in the energy field while accentuating aesthesia and minimize the interference with the surrounding nature.

The turbine will , combined with diesel, sun energy and battery Stored energy, reduced the use of fossil fuel and  supply the resort with clean energy and thereby be a major contributor in minimizing the use of fossil fuel, for the benefit of more sustainability (further reading about the Vejrø resort here).

Viking Wind is proud to be a main actor in both exciting projects!