Viking Wind testing wind turbines for the Japanese market

At the Test Centre for small wind turbines Nordic Folkecenter, Hundborg Denmark, the blades of a Viking Wind turbine spin diligently currently. The testing aims to obtain a certification for Viking Wind to gain access to the Japanese market.

“In Japan, there is a limit of 20 kilowatts for small turbines. The turbine here is designed for 25 kilowatts, so we must have a power curve on it, which shows that we can keep it below 20 kilowatts, as part of getting the turbine certified, says Ulrich Høgenhaven, who is CEO of Viking Wind.

The test and knowledge Centre for small wind turbines have been in operation since 2019, and Viking Wind is one of the companies that has made extensive use of the facilities.

“It is nice that we have testing facilities in Denmark with the wind resources that exist so that we do not have to spend too much time getting the data in place. In general, there is a good average wind up here, and we also need to have above 16 meters per second many times to be able to get the peak loads on as well. We can do that here” says Ulrich Høgenhaven.

The companies that evaluate at the Centre at Hundborg can constantly monitor the turbines and download test data for use in development and certifications. The Folkecenter subsequently anonymizes the test data and passes it on to Aalborg University for teaching and research use.

You can see more about Viking Wind’s test in Thy in the video here. The video was recorded a few days after the storm, Otto – In which Viking Wind’s turbine passed with flying colours.

The Test Centre is the first Northern European test Centre for household wind turbines