Event held in Pakistan

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, Viking Wind participated in a major event in Karachi, Pakistan. The main purpose was to promote trade between Denmark and Pakistan.

The main purpose of the event was to present the best of Denmark to stakeholders from businesses and the public sector in Pakistan, to improve the commerce between Denmark and Pakistan.

Viking Wind in prominent company with peers

The event had gathered several Danish companies which by a stand at the fair, had the opportunity to further introduce their company and what they had to offer the Pakistani stakeholders.

Among the companies represented were prominent businesses as Vestas, Maersk, and Novo Nordic – and also Viking Wind, which stands at the fair was ably led by Pia Jakobsen, Sales & Projects.

A successful event which showed promising prospects for the future

Many hands were shaken, lots of promotional materials were handed out and new acquaintances were made at the event, which gave Viking Wind ample opportunities to forge stronger bonds with the Pakistani market.

The host of the event in Karachi was the Danish Ambassador in Pakistan, Rolf Michael Hay Pereira Holmboe which, aside from offering the opportunity to forge bonds with the Pakistani market also had entertainment performed by a Danish/Pakistani band.

About Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan became an independent state in 1947, as a result of the division of former British India. Pakistan, which is divided into five provinces has a population of approximately 190 million people (2011) and a total area of 796,095 km2.

Pakistan is a poor country with economic growth of 2-3 per cent annually. It is estimated that growth should be around 6-8 per cent annually to create sufficient jobs and real welfare improvements for a population growing by about 5 million a year

There is a large deficit in public finances as a consequence of low public revenue. Tax collection is less than 9% of GDP due to an extremely small income tax base (less than 2% of the population pays income tax and non-taxation of the agricultural sector.

The main stabilizer of the economy is remittances sent from Pakistanis abroad. In 2011 and 2012, the remittances from abroad were recorded high at around USD 10 billion. 

Denmark’s export of goods and services to Pakistan was 1.3 Billion DKK in 2011 while the export from Pakistan to Denmark was 0.9 billion DKK.

Further reading: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Viking Wind’s fair in Pakistan