Open house in Middelfart

It was the most beautiful late summer weather when Viking Wind hosted the Open House event in Middelfart, Denmark on Thursday the 2. of September 2021.

The sun was shining from a cloudless sky, and the temperature quickly rose to more than 20 degrees, so the set-up was perfect for demonstrating Viking Wind’s new hybrid system.

The open house event gave the attendees a unique opportunity to see how the hybrid system works. The slight wind conditions were not optimal for demonstrating the benefits of a wind turbine, but the system still showed its purpose when the solar cells, quickly got the battery part charged due to the radiant sunshine.
And the attendees even got a demonstration of how easily you get a Tesla charged with 100 % sustainable energy directly from the source.

The open house event was part of the Climate Folk Remedy held in Middelfart, Denmark from 2nd to the 4th. September 2021.

Charging a Tesla with 100 % green energy