Viking Wind attends Business Network Event at the Bangladeshi Embassy in Copenhagen

CEO Ulrich Høgenhaven and Head of Sales Pia Jakobsen attended Monday the 27. August 2019 at a Business-get-together event, hosted by the Bangladeshi Embassy in Denmark, to meet up with peers from a high-level delegation from Bangladesh and Danish investors and businessmen.

“Bangladesh and Denmark enjoy excellent trade and investment relations and the ties have been growing encouragingly recently”- the remark was made by the Bangladesh Ambassador in Denmark, Muhammed A. Muhith during the business network event Monday night.

The event organized and hosted by the Bangladeshi Embassy in Denmark was well represented by the top management from thirty Danish companies- including Viking Wind, all working in the field of renewable energy, shipbuilding, information technology, the dairy sector, etc.

From Bangladesh, a high-level delegation was attending, led by Dr Nahid Rashid, Additional secretary, and Wing Chief, from Economic Relations Division for the Ministry of Finance in Bangladesh. In addition, ERD and representatives from Bangladeshi Shipping Cooperation also participated in the event.

The Danish Ambassador in Bangladesh Ms Winnie Estrup Petersen, who was also present at the event, encouraged the Danish businesses to take the unique opportunity to talk with the Bangladeshi delegation to cultivate deeper bonds with their Bangladeshi peers and governmental decision-makers, to do further business in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh opened its Embassy in Denmark in May 2015 to boost trade and investment relations between the two countries. The commerce with Denmark has been growing steadily over the last few years. In 2017-18 Bangladesh’s export to Denmark was US$ 730 million while import was worth around US$ 100 million. Investors from Denmark has lately experienced a positive trend with increased Danish investments in dairy, pharmaceuticals and green growth -including renewable energy sectors.

The purpose of the meeting and dinner Monday night, which intention was to strengthen the bonds between business in Bangladesh and Denmark even deeper, seems to have served its purpose very well –Viking Wind and the other participants who also have budding business interests in Bangladesh, were pleased with the outcome of the event.

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