Viking Wind participates in Green Energy Export Day

On Tuesday 29 August 2023, Danish Industry – DI held “Green Energy Export Day” in Copenhagen and Viking Wind’s CEO Ulrich Høgenhaven and Pia Jakobsen, Sales & Project were among the participants.

Green Energy Export Day 2023 gathers the energy industry, experts, and market advisors to share knowledge on market opportunities, exports, and international partnerships. It was a day with conferences, workshops, and intense networking on the schedule.

Denmark is well known worldwide for its revolutionizing and leading role in its sustainable energy solutions. And during this day the Danish authorities were sharing their wealth of knowledge and best practices within the green energy segment. Danish export instruments are in place to finance projects and green energy exports.

The day offered many interesting inputs into new and existing export areas as well as the opportunity to network with other actors and stakeholders within the field of Green Energy.

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