We’re still going strong

Despite several bankruptcies in the business for small wind turbines recently, Viking Wind can celebrate its 10th anniversary on 05/11 2019

The business for small wind turbines has recently been in a strong headwind, putting several companies out of business.

But Viking Wind can assure both our recent and future customers that choosing Viking Wind as their supplier of a small wind turbine, still is a safe bet: we stand by all our obligations! – such as guarantee etc. that has been contracted.

Viking Winds investors have expressed full confidence in Viking Winds’ continuance despite hard times in the industry since the management always has shown due diligence and surely will continue to do so in the future.

While other companies in the business of small wind turbines are closing currently, we at Viking Wind can look forward to celebrating our 10th anniversary in May 2019, which is quite a feat considering how turbulent and beleaguered the industry for small wind turbines is.

Hopefully, we are not sounding too self-satisfied when we congratulate ourselves on the upcoming 10- year’s anniversary and wish for steady wind for the next decade!

Photo: Padli Padana