Change of Ownership Leads to Transformation

Over the last six months, HSWind has gone through a major transformation. This has meant a change in the group of owners, more power in the form of funds and a rigid glance at foreign countries. The transformation has resulted in the chance for a headlong future for the Viking small wind turbine.

In 2009 HSWind build their first small wind turbine, the Viking 25kW turbine. 3 years later, the wind turbine was type-approved and became from the beginning a success. In 2013 this led to an expansion of shareholders in the company together with new, experienced wind power employees and extended funds, which was the road to success for the turbines.

Today HSWind has added two new small wind turbines to the product range and the rapid development places new and bigger demands on the company both in the sales and development process. This has resulted in a reduction of owners from four to two, so the company can act more flexible in the future.

CEO Mr Ulrich Høgenhaven and a large investor from Sønderjylland, the majority shareholder in HSWind, forms the new ownership of HSWind. The restructuring has strengthened the company’s equity through the conversion of loans into share capital and initiated new and exciting initiatives.

Focus on Export

”The change of owners has caused a change in our focus. We have always focused on providing independent energy sources for the Danish smalls and this will continue to be a goal for HSWind. But the priorities of the Danish Government have changed and we have chosen to exploit the opportunities for exporting” says CEO Mr Ulrich Høgenhaven.

In 2013 HSWind began exporting their small wind turbines. This resulted in a development project with three wind turbines for Argentina besides wind turbines for France and an agreement with a French dealer.

With the new initiatives, more countries and more dealers are into consideration. HSWind has active dealers in Iceland, in Germany and is looking at cooperation with similar dealers in Italy, Japan, Turkey and thereby countries in the Middle East and some East African Countries.

With the infusion of new capital and the already established contacts with foreign dealers, HSWind takes an optimistic view of the future. And maybe exciting negotiations already take place.