Viking Wind delivers the 2. wind turbine to Vejroe in Denmark

Monday, May 27. 2019 Viking Wind installed the 2. Wind turbine for Vejroe resort. The luxury resort, which is located in the Archipelago of South Denmark, has a mission of being self-sufficient in energy supply and with the second turbine from Viking Wind included in the existent hybrid solution, they have taken a big step in that direction.

The new turbine is a Viking VS25 turbine – just like the first turbine installed in autumn 2018. It’s a flexible and adaptable solution, very suited for the relatively isolated Island because of its independence from the public grid. Vejroe isn’t connected with the mainland and has previously been dependent on fossil fuel which has been expensive, polluting and arduous affair.

Off-grid solutions as this, experience a growing interest on the global market because the solutions, besides being independent of the public grid – also provide the possibility to store accumulated energy for periods with less energy production or an increased need for energy, which is made possible with the accumulated energy stored in a battery for later use.

The increased interest, this type of solution experiences globally, is mainly because of the stability and flexibility the solution offers, which makes it suitable for areas with limited infrastructure and poor possibilities for energy supply.

The second wind turbine on Vejroe is, therefore, contributing most aesthetically to fulfil the resort’s wish to be self-sufficient in the energy area.

Viking Wind is always happy when our customers are happy, and we are pleased that Vejroe resort has chosen us as their supplier for their second unit.

Further reading about the Vejroe project and their way to self-sufficiency in the energy- and food area can be found here.